Using Libre Software
For Illustration & Design

by Raghavendra Kamath

Why Libre Software?

  • Artworks Are In Accesible & Open Format.
  • Convenience & Control Over Work-flow.
  • Awesome Developer Attitude & Friendly Community.
  • No Recurring Costs & Credit Card Involved.

Tips For The Transition

  • Try Before Migrating.
  • Don't Compare, Just Learn With Open Mind.
  • Convert All Resources & Files Before Switching.
  • Contribute & Spread The Word.

My Own Creative Suite

  • Krita For Digital Paintings.
  • Mypaint For Sketch & Storyboards.
  • GIMP For Image Manipulation & Retouching.
  • Inkscape For Vectors & Design.
  • Blender For 3d.
  • Scribus For Publication Design.
  • Entangle , kdenlive, Synfig For Aninmation.
  • Xsane, Imagemagick & Bash for scanning & batch processing.
  • Linux Operating System (Arch Linux with KDE plasma 5).
  • Borg & Rsync For Backups With CRON.
  • Mutt (neomutt) + Offlineimap + notmuch for mail.
  • Libreoffice for invoicing and documents.

My Process

festival of light illustrated in Krita
Software Used - Krita.

Mascot Illustrated in krita
Mascot For Nutrela Soya chunks
Software Used - Krita & GIMP.

Inkscape in action for an illustration
Software Used - Inkscape.

Illustration for JSW steel
Illustration For JSW steel
Software Used - Blender.

How can you help?

  • If your are an Artist

    - Use libre software,
    - test & report bugs,
    - Improve Documentation,
    - teach the next generation.

  • If you are a Developer

    - Contribute code,
    - fix bugs, add features for solving problems that artists face.

  • If you are an Opensource Enthusiast

    - Help by dontating.

Thank You