Seamless Handmade Textures

I am sharing these free seamless handmade or hand-painted textures.These were made while I was working on various projects. Not all are hand-painted some are scanned and prepared from the original item, for example, the cartridge texture is a scan of a paper, some might have made by using resources in the public domain. These are shared under CC-BY-SA license, so you are free to reuse modify or share these. I have added all these to a personal repository and I’ll be updating and adding more to this repository as and when I make a new texture. I also welcome any contribution to this repository. You can download the entire repository along with the textures and their source files from here. If you want to download individual textures click on the thumbnails below.

Cement seamless texture
Cement Texture
MDF seamless texture
MDF Seamless texture
Brick wall seamless texture
Brick wall seamless texture
Plaster seamless texture
Wall plaster texture
Cartridge seamless texture
Cartridge Texture
Mosaic tiles seamless texture
Mosaic Tiles Texture
Leaves seamless texture
Leaf Seamless texture

If you find these useful share them with your fellow artists and spread the word, I will also be excited to see how other artists have used these in their artwork. These are free to download but if you like to support me by donating money, you can use my PayPal link.

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