New year new journey

From some time I have been contemplating to start a new project, since everybody is in a mood of undertaking new year resolutions. I think it is time for me to take one too, and I think a resolution to kickstart and build a base for this new project would be good. I have done some initial research and brainstorming for the concept, I’ll be uploading the sketches here soon.

Writing a story from scratch is new to me, I am a bit nervous and I also fear that I may ruin the concept by over thinking it, but then I should start somewhere. Although it is hard to write for me I am enjoying this process.Below are two sketches from the project. I’ll be uploading more as and when they get clearer to me.

Journey ahead sketch
characters in the story

I hope to do some illustrations on this project at-least a number which can set the story in motion 🙂

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