Krita Sprint 2018

I had an awesome opportunity to be a part of this years Krita sprint in The Netherlands. Once in a while artists and developers who are working in Krita meet to discuss bugs, improvements and road map for Krita. The Sprint was organised by the Krita Foundation and KDE e.V.

I got to meet all the people that I know only by IRC nicknames. Boud and Irina were excellent hosts and made sure that everyone was feeling comfortable. I started working with Wolthera and Timothée, porting the remaining pages of the manual in the tutorial section to Sphinx. We are porting the manual from Media Wiki to Sphinx to make sure you can download the manual in pdf form for offline use.

I met Valarii Malov who is doing an awesome job maintaining the graphics tablet KCM in KDE. . We had some talks and testing of the KCM and believe me the KCM is awesome in its current state, it exposes various setting which was only possible via xsetwacom. This work will help many artists who will use KDE as their distro for daily work.

A big thanks to Timothée for solving my color calibration problem, now my laptop is not blueish and has proper color. I tried to do some portraits and sketches during the sprint. I couldn’t complete all of them but below is a rough portrait of our hosts Boud and Irina.

portrait of Boud - lead developer of Krita

portrait of Irina

On the second day of sprint we had discussion about the fund raising for Krita, we will be doing a fund raiser for Krita in September, it will be sort of Krita celebration month for us :) We also had a good and detailed discussion about the overhaul of resource manager in Krita, we have given a lot of thought and talked about all the scenarios regarding the resource management, I hope the future version of Krita will have awesome resource management.

Boud gave us his hardware and graphics tablet to try and test, We also had fun booting up Ubuntu on his Wacom mobile studio. Apart from some hiccup while using the touch keyboard everything worked out of the box.

We also discussed the pending things that need to be finished and artists were asked to prioritise the list according to their preference.

While the artists painted and reported bugs, developers were busy fixing bugs and planning new features and improvement. Typpi showed us a very nice implementation of hue and saturation, all of the artists were very excited to see it

I had a very great pleasure to meet Steven Schoorens, Wolthera, Jouni Pentikäinen, Valerii Malov, Alvin Wong, Dmitry Kazakov, Boudewijn & Irina. I also met David and Timothée once again. Boud showed us around the city of Deventer, which was beautiful, fresh and clean. We had some good walks around the city everyday.

A group photo that was taken during one of our walks around the cityof Deventer

It was really a great experience travelling to Deventer and meeting all the people who make Krita an awesome application for artists, you can read the full report of the sprint on the official Krita Blog Post.