My Tools Of Trade

I have written earlier about how I made the switch to free software workflow and the experience I had after making the switch. It has been 6 years since then and I haven’t yet regretted my decision or found any trouble doing my work. Here is a list of software, hardware, and other tools that I use for day to day work, entertainment, and computing needs. I will try to keep this page updated as I include more tools or drop some of them in the future. Apart from this list, I will write another post explaining in more detail the software that I use.

On My Desk 🖥

My Desk

Software (Both Desktop & Laptop)

My desktop

  • Arch Linux - Bleeding edge no non-sense Linux (zen kernel) based operating system.
  • KDE Plasma 5 - Simple yet powerful desktop environment with feature rich apps such as Konsole Kate etc.
  • Krita - A very robust professional digital painting application.
  • Mypaint - A lightweight sketching and painting application
  • Gnu Image Manipulation Program - An excellent software for image retouching and adjustment.
  • Inkscape - An excellent vector illustration suite.
  • Blender - Swiss army knife for anything between 3d modelling to video editing.
  • Scribus - Desktop publishing
  • Borg + btrbk - For incremental daily and hourly backups on internal as well as external disks.
  • Nextcloud - File, contacts, todo list & calendar sync.
  • Kmail - KDE’s mail application.
  • Element & Quassel - for IRC and chat with friends and family

Self-Hosted software 🌐

  • Bitwarden - Password manager.
  • Mailinabox - Email and cloud hosting solution.
  • Wallabag - Save or archive articles for later reading.
  • Quassel - IRC client.
  • Fresh RSS - RSS feed aggregator.