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Seamless Handmade Textures-thumb

Seamless Handmade Textures

Sharing some of the handmade texture that I created with Krita while working on various projects
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A commission artwork done for a friend. It is about a shepherdess who rears silkworms for a living.
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Twilight orchestra in Inkscape-thumb

Twilight orchestra in Inkscape

A brief look into my process of creating a vector illustration in Inkscape. A music loving owl directing an orchestra in …
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Number Book For Toddlers-thumb

Number Book For Toddlers

Illustrations for number book I created for toddlers
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Maharaja – concept for new story-thumb

Maharaja – concept for new story

Maharaja – a character concept from a story that I am developing. This is done in FLOSS painting software Krita 2.9 on a …
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