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I'm Raghavendra Kamath. I'm a visual artist from India. I am passionate about story-telling, painting, visualizing, teaching, Creative Commons and Free (libre) Software. I run a small creative studio. Welcome to my personal blog.

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strangers on internet sketch series thumbnail

Strangers on Internet

I am trying to do a brush pen sketch of the first two persons I see on internet in the morning. This will serve as a caffeine to kick-start my daily painting work.

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digital painting with krita episode -06

Digital Art With Free Software Episode-06

This is the 6th episode in the series of tutorials for beginners in digital painting as well as Krita. In this lesson we explore various masks in Krita and also learn more about Selection Masks and ho

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Waiting for unlock digital painting

Waiting For Unlock…

Some school buses parked since start of the pandemic near my house. Its been a while since children saw school. Instead of a landscape I thought why not paint some vehicles, so I did this [...]

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summer fun thumbnail image

Summer Fun – Timelapse

A fun and silly thing that I used to do when I was small and now I see my son doing this. I am sure we all have done this at some point.

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Group photo at krita sprint 2019

KritaCon 2019

Once again I took part in the Krita sprint (convention). It was fun to meet and talk about Krita with contributors from all over the world

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Krita sprint 2018 thumbnail

Krita Sprint 2018

I took part in the 2018 Krita sprint, it was an awesome experience meeting everyone I know from the #krita IRC.

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